The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club

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Hello and Welcome to The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club Donation Site.

The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club is owned and operated by Tonya Canada & Rahelios - two of Kevin Trudeau’s Apprentices, Personal Assistants, and Loyal Friends.

Many people have expressed a desire to assist Kevin by donating money, and we have created this website to facilitate this. 

Kevin and we GREATLY appreciate your support and we will look forward to meeting you in person when Kevin is released!

Thank you sincerely!

There are two ways that you can donate money to Kevin.

1.) Click on the link below.  This will take you directly to the Federal Bureau Of Prisons website page that gives you full instructions on how to send money or anything else directly to an inmate in the BOP system.  Kevin’s ID is: Kevin Trudeau 18046036

2.) Alternatively, you are welcome to simply click the button below and make a donation using PayPal or a Credit Card from anywhere in the world. All donations are securely encrypted, processed, and protected by PayPal. 

All your donations will be used for Kevin's commissary account and other things as needed. When you send a donation through us, we will personally inform Kevin and he will mail you a personal letter directly, so that you know that your contribution was in fact received by Kevin. 

We appreciate you!!!

Tonya Canada & Rahelios